Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

To celebrate Columbus Day or to not celebrate Columbus Day - that is question we have to deal with every single year. I don't particularly remember the controversy as a child, but he seems to have become one of the more polarizing figures in History. I mean, there was an episode of the Sopranos that dealt with the issue. It doesn't matter much for me personally, because I'll be at the office all day. That being said, there are valid points for each side of the argument.

Anti Columbus Day Supporters Point to:
  • He technically didn't discover the Western World
  • He actually screwed up, he was looking for India
  • He wasn't particularly kind to the indigenous peoples

Pro Columbus Day Supporters Point to:

  • A day of off work for many
  • Various movie marathons on TBS, TNT, etc
  • Excellent sales on furniture, mattresses, and appliances
I haven't been able to decide if I am pro or anti Christopher Columbus. The reason is that I haven't been able to see enough evidence that the various Columbus Day sales make a large enough positive impact to have long lasting effects on the economy. Further, while these movie marathons are typically entertaining, it encourages a sedentary lifestyle that contributes to obesity and drives up health care costs.

Here's to another day of not being able to take a stance on an important issue. Cheers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

College Football Playoff vs. BCS System

Now that we're into the month of October, College Football season is in full swing. And as I'm sure you've observed (that is, if you live in the United States) that this is a favorite time of year for many people. With college football season always comes the timeless debate: Why no football playoff? I guess this seems like a legitimate question. Every other sport does have a playoff system to pick an undisputed National Champion. I have two thoughts on this issue:
  • A playoff might be the most fair way to determine a champion
  • The current system makes every week sort of exciting

While I do feel bad for Boise State, would it be fair for them to get an automatic bid into the BCS title game with such a weak schedule? I'm not real sure.

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